A city in Maine takes a nice piece of the Top 10 pie!

Mojo Travels is a YouTube channel that is the perfect place to check before you hit the road. Their insider videos on food, hot spots, hacks, adventure, beaches, and so much more, are incredibly helpful when you take a vacation.

In their most recent video, they ranked the Top 10 Best Pizza Cities In The United States. This sounds like a dream job just getting the opportunity to sample so many different kinds of pizza from all across the country.

Portland is fast becoming known as a hot spot for so much more than just seafood, so much so, that in 2018, Food & Wine named it America's next great pizza city. It's the smallest city on the list, coming in at #9. Not too shabby, Portland!

10: Seattle, Washington
9: Portland, Maine
8: Washington, D.C.
7: Los Angeles, California
6: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5: San Francisco, California
4: Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Boston, Massachusetts
2. Chicago, Illinois
1. Brooklyn, New York

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