Today is National Pancake Day so, naturally, it’s time to vote.

We Mainer’s love our breakfasts and you can tell by the passion we have when we discuss which restaurants in the area have the best of the best… the best omelets, the best bacon, the best home fries.

But the best breakfast, even though a good breakfast includes bacon and eggs and home fries, always boils down to who has the best pancakes.

We are so fortunate in the Bangor area to have plenty of pancakes to choose from but we want to know who has the best pancakes?

I grew up eating at the OG Dysarts on Coldbrook Road in Hermon ordering M&M pancakes, which were the bomb.  But, I also dug the hotcakes from McDonalds, not going to lie.

We want to know, where are your favorite local pancakes made?  Tell us and maybe it will inspire you to enjoy National Pancake Day by celebrating with pancakes yourself!

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