It's a classic Mexican dessert of fried pastry, cinnamon and sugar has unequivocally earned a place at the desert bar here in the State of Maine- more specifically, here in Bangor.

We have plenty of vendors in the area who can fry up this delicious delicacy just for you and it's time to put the players out there so we all know where to go to get our fix.

I had some outstanding churros a few weeks ago and now I can't get them out of my mind.  Sweet, savory, crisp and creamy.  These are the words that come to mind when I'm craving churros... rather, most of the time I'm conscious.  It's kind of a loop that replays in my head- get the groceries... don't forget milk... hubby needs sugar for coffee... and... I really want to eat a churro....

Anyway, here is a list of places in the Bangor area that include the magically churro on their dessert list.  It's great to see the amount of places offering this fantastic delicacy and I want all of them.  In my mouth.

I asked around, made a list, did a Google search or two and can now present a respectable list of places to get your churro on.  I have tried only one place's churros on the list myself so, now I am on a bucket list mission to try all of the churros in the Bangor area.  Once I get on a kick about a certain kind of food, I'm all in.

After the list, vote for your favorite churro making establishment if you've enjoyed a churro or eight in the Bangor Area.  Also, if we missed a place around Bangor, or even a little beyond, shoot us a message on Facebook so we can update our list.  This IS an important list and so it's accuracy is a public service to the people of the Bangor area who take their churros as seriously as I do.

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