I know, I know--You've been doing this homeschooling thing for 2 weeks now, and both you and your kids are ready to start climbing the walls! Its definitely a challenge to to find a work-life balance when you're both working AND learning from your house! But that's the reality for many families across the nation and around our state these days.

One trick that I've relied on--that I learned from several years of homeschool my kids in the past-- is to collect the positives, and not the negatives.

So you didn't get everything done, and your kids and walls are covered in permanent marker (speaking from experience here)? If they're alive, somewhat entertained, have been fed today and are kind of clean...you have won the day! Seriously, you'll have plenty of time later to set that bar high. Let's all just try to find the bar right now. That's enough.

Another thing I've learned is to find ways to make learning entertaining--not just for the kids but for you!

To me, Christopher Walken is entertaining. Have him read a children's book...now that's straight up fabulous!

Theo Wargo/NBC, Getty Images
Theo Wargo/NBC, Getty Images


I came across this video a few years ago. There's some speculation as to who is actually reading the book, (although you can also actually buy a hard-copy of the book "Christopher Walken reads: Where the Wild Things Are by Lance Hodge on Amazon. So there's that) its a very entertaining version of the Classic Children's Tale, with a Walken-esque twist! Enjoy

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