With the eclipse just days away we took a look at cloud cover and prime times to see the amazing event.

According to the National Weather Service the cloud cover during Monday's eclipse will be mild with some places in the state seeing nearly clear skies. Of course Maine is not in the direct line of the eclipse so at best we will only see about 50-60% of the event but it will still be quite a sight.

Based off the current predictions for cloud cover on Monday Bangor will see about 14% with a little less along the coast like Bar Harbor and almost 30% cloud cover in North Western Maine. This mean you can stay in Bangor and have a decent view! If you want a view from the state as clear as can be, you are going to need to go East to a place like Cadillac Mountain.

The eclipse is expected to reach its peak at 2:45 PM and be over around 3:53PM. Watch for changes to begin around 1:30Pm but remember to never look directly at the sun as it can cause serious harm to your eyes.

If you want a full eclipse view we will have to wait a few years. 2024 is expected to bring another eclipse that will be almost total over Maine!

You can also watch the eclipse safely and in its totality from NASA online here.

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