The same issue comes up every year with Maine lawmakers but no changes are ever made.

I’m sure that holds to be true for many things but one issue, in particular, is the case of annual vs. biennial car inspections: How often should cars be inspected in Maine?

Once again, Maine lawmakers are discussing a bill to make car inspections an every-other-year thing rather than an annual occurrence, as shared by WGME.

This is brought up every year and no moves are made and that’s probably because there’s no point in changing the law that’s already in place now. That’s big coming from me because between you, me, and the public I am sharing this with, I still have a blue inspection sticker on my car right now from last year.

I’m working on it, okay?

Anyway, biennial vehicle inspections raise some concerns, especially for mechanics. Yes, it makes them more money if cars are needing to be inspected every single year but they also raise some valid points; a car going two years without being inspected can be pretty dangerous.

As the WGME article states, this could increase the number of unsafe vehicles on the road, increase accidents, and decrease safety.

As for why this keeps getting brought up, there's no real valid argument standing for the biennial inspection other than wanting to "modernize" things.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really care either way. I’m all for making sure the roads are safe but I also would prefer if I didn’t have to worry about my car inspection every single year because I always forget about it and end up getting a ticket.

I’m sure no moves will be made with this bill yet again, but where do you stand on this ‘debate’?

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