Hi Everybody!

So for 35 days straight, the government was pretty much closed right down. And thousands of folks, all over the country, were either sent home with no pay or had to keep working despite receiving no paycheck at all. But people all over the country were stepping up to the plate to make sure their neighbors were taken care of. And here in Maine it was no different.

It never matters what the politics are. It's irrelevant who you chose to vote for. When the government shuts down and people need help, the right thing to do is help a brother, or sister, out. And here in the Bangor area, dozens of businesses and organizations were either offering free services of some kind, or free food, etc.

We wanted not only to bring attention to some of these specific businesses, but also to just feature the greater Bangor area in general. We've all heard stories recently of someone needing a hand, and how someone came to their rescue, and often, not at the last second. A lot of folks weren't even needing to ask for help, it was simply offered.

So sit back, and relax and bask in the glory of how awesome folks in this area can be. And remember to stay cool, Bangor.

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