What do you love about Bangor? What could be better? Help build the future of Bangor by giving your thoughts.

The city of Bangor is building a plan and they need your thoughts. The city is compiling an economic plan and wants to know what is important to those who live, work and play in Bangor. They are taking your suggestions via a website to better the city.

It's an interactive way to give your thoughts in a multitude of ways. It generates discussion and has the capabilities of showing support for your ideas and suggestions- whether it's developing a park in the city or adding pedestrian safety to a specific road.

Here are the various ways you can contribute your ideas on what should be added to Bangor's 5-Year Plan.

Community Survey

If you just want to answer some questions, you can head over to the survey that is a quick way to get your thoughts across. You can access it now and have until November 30th to give your two cents.

Interactive Map

Need some inspiration? Check out a map of Bangor, plot a point and explain what needs fixing and what solution you may have to make this better. Maybe you love a spot and want to see it more developed. Find your own trouble spots or favorite places of Bangor and give your thoughts.

Vision Board

Take a look at others' concepts and add your own with the Vision Board. Give 'Your Vision', 'Recommend a Change' or bring forward an 'Idea and Suggestion'. You can look at and like or dislike others' ideas while creating your own, too.

Here are the thoughts put in so far that give attention to what is a problem and what could be the solutions to help Bangor move forward in the next 5 years. Your thoughts build the need for attention so the city can invest in a better future for the Queen City.

Suggestions From Bangor For Bangor

The City of Bangor is asking for your suggestions on how to grow, fix and develop Bangor with short term projects. Suggestions already added include developing park areas, adding pedestrian safety to busy roads and adding traffic lights. Here are just a suggestions put out there with the city's 'Strategic Plan' website where anybody can go on and add their thoughts and suggestions.

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