One would think that something as important as a wedding dress, a gown often worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars, would be an item that someone would go to great lengths to care for. It wouldn't, for instance, be something that someone would put on the roof of their car, like a cup of morning coffee or a brief case, and accidentally drive off with. For one thing, aside from it's monetary and sentimental value, the sheer size and weight of most wedding dresses would cause it to be something that's hard to miss.

Which is why a Facebook Post put out by the Maine State Police this week has many folks scratching their heads!

The post lightheartedly reads:

"Did you lose a wedding dress? This one was found, a little worse for wear, between exits 1 and 2 of Interstate 395 in Bangor on Feb. 29, 2020 around 5 a.m. on the westbound side. #MaineStatePolice #TroopE  #NiceDayForAWhiteWedding"

Now, the thought of someone accidentally losing such an important component of their special day, hopefully not before the wedding (can you imagine what panic that would induce in a Bride-to-be!?) is bad enough. But speculation among those weighing in in the comment section was that it's possible this dress was ditched deliberately!? The ultimate physical release of baggage from a bad break-up, perhaps?
Either way, it was nice (and probably in the best interest of public safety, as a large white dress blowing about in the wind can't be the best for driver visibility along 395) of the Maine State Police to retrieve the gown, and inquire if anyone was missing it.
If it wasn't tossed intentionally, and does find it's way back to the body it belongs to, I'd love to hear the details about the one that got away...the dress, that is.


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