Hilary Duff's fans love that she's so open about her life, including the fact that she's on Tinder. Wendy Williams, however, shared a few questionable reactions to Hilary's profile.

Wendy started off by discussing the exhausting task of finding love, and how she's all for people using various means to do it. This statement we totally get behind.

"I'm all for celebrities and regular people finding love [online], I'm all for it. I would never be one to judge," she said. "If you're single and you want a mate, you're supposed to be looking everywhere — at the grocery store and online."

However, Wendy then explained that she associates Tinder with Grindr (and her perception of Grindr isn't too flattering either).

"When I think of Tinder, I think of Grindr," she said. "Like something a little more ... Grindr is something the gay community uses and what you do is ... the gay community that I know, use it for a quick, sleazy hookup, they're not trying to get booed up. Like, you go on Grindr, you find a location and somebody hot, then you look at their picture and tell them 'Okay, I'll meet you at the corner in a second.'"

Yiiiiikes. That's a pretty strong statement, but we'll move on to what Wendy says about Hilary's profile, which is just as unflattering.

"... She's already talking to nine guys at one time. Don't judge, don't judge. What is this one at a time thing?" Wendy said, adding, "My only concern with her being on Tinder, other than it's like Grindr to me, [is] your profile picture, Hilary. It's very suggestive. The time stamp is 8:47 at night, looks like she had a little libation, she's scantily clad, her hair is tousled, her eyes are glossy and red. It's suggestive, like she wants to put out on a first date ... The picture you put out speaks volumes about what you want."

Despite the fact that Wendy kept repeating "don't judge" and insisting that she's not passing judgement, it sounds like she's doing just that. Analyzing Hilary's photo and questioning her morals is degrading and unnecessary. Also, we'd like to point out that the time stamp Wendy referenced is when the screencap of the profile was taken, not when Hilary took the selfie.

While the image the talk show host discussed isn't confirmed to be Hilary's account, it's clearly a photo of her and uses the bio she wrote: "Let's eat pizza." Regardless of whether it turns out to be Hilary's profile, we're glad the actress is putting herself out there in the dating world and has the confidence to be so candid about it. We're not here to judge what she's looking for in a match, and we hope you aren't either!

You can watch Wendy's complete commentary in the video above.

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