Hilary Duff just gave the people exactly what they wanted. By that we mean she finally recreated the mega-viral, infamously low energy "With Love" dance break that she performed on the Today Show back in 2007.

Revisit the timeless performance and watch the pop star's original knee-popping and mic-tossing choreography below:

The adorably awkward performance has had its moment on social media several times over the years. However, it is currently experiencing yet another renaissance on TikTok. PopBuzz notes that users are going as far as to recreate Duff's top-tier choreography as part of the Hilary Duff Challenge.

It seems as though Duff caught wind of the trend and decided to record a version of her own, filming and uploading a duet to accompany user @yungdaddycack's performance.

And she really gives the choreo her all this time. In the clip, Duff hit the steps with ease. She manages some of them with even more *oomph* than she did in the past. Yes, girl! Give us something!

"HERE YOU GOOOOOOOO," she captioned the video.

She knows what she's doing, and we love to see it. Watch the former teen queen revisit the now-iconic performance below:

TikTok users are of course shaking and crying in the comments section.

"Britney [Spears] is free, Paris [Hilton] is married, Lindsay [Lohan] has a movie coming, Hilary redid her dance. Nature is healing," one user wrote in all caps.

"Queen has reclaimed her throne," someone gushed. "Mama still has IT," yet another declared.

If you watch Duff's TikTok, you'll likely notice that the original video @yungdaddycack chose to recreate is not from the Today Show. Although the dance break may be best remembered from that performance, she repurposed the moves several times while promoting the song in the 2000s.

That means that plenty of footage of her doing the dance exists online. Thankfully, a fan did the hard work of compiling the performances into one video. Check it out below for an instant serotonin boost.

This isn't the first time Duff has gotten a little nostalgic in recent memory. The superstar hopped on Instagram to react to Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Halloween costumes. The couple dressed up as Paolo and Isabella from Disney's Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Duff took to Turner's Instagram comments section to react. Her response was simple but definitely well deserved. "I'M SCREAMING," she gushed. So are we!

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