We've never seen Todd Simcox this annoyed!

With a whole week full of rain here in the Bangor area, some people are a little grumpy and ready for some warm, sunny weather. That's why when we found this video, we just had to share it with you.

At FOX 17, WXMI in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Chief Meteorologist Garry Frank is tired of the cold weather and everyone, including his co-anchors, complaining about it.

Frank goes on an epic rant that is now going viral. After watching the video several times, it's hard to tell if he is just having some fun with everyone, or if he is genuinely irritated.

With our pal Todd on his way to a tropical vacation in Aruba, we are going thru withdrawals every morning around 7:10. So Have a good laugh with this, and cross your fingers for some sunshine!

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