If you have ever heard the expression when referring to a younger person who does something, I don’t know, juvenile:

And when we are senior citizens they will be in charge.

Admittedly I have used that line. Not because I believe it to be true, but because it might seem funny given the right circumstance.

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But once you take a deep dive into teenagers, and some of the things that come from their minds, well the thought becomes we are going to be in good shape.

Here is an example of leadership and creativity from Hermon High School.

The school winter break is coming up on February 21. For some, that can’t come soon enough.

And traditionally Hermon High School, the week before winter break, celebrates Winter Carnival.

And the students step up and decide the theme and the events of Winter Carnival Week.

Get ready for "This or That."

Each day will be an option on how to participate with a choice. This or That.

For example on Monday,  students wear bright colors (like red if that’s a thing for Valentine’s Day) or dark colors. So just another day at school, right?

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The rest of the week features All American or Tacky Tourist. So red white or blue, or that T-shirt that says Grandma went to Hawaii and all I got was this shirt.

Wednesday is Country or Country Club. Who’s closet isn’t full of options?

Babies or Boomers. Check your parents' closet.

And Friday wraps up the Winter Carnival wearing the school colors, both blue and gold. Or anything other than a backpack. “Hey is that a trash can on that kid’s back?

Have fun Hermon High. And have even more fun the week after Winter Carnival.

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