We are presently halfway through winter, so what does the second half of the coldest, messiest time of year have in store for us in the Pine Tree State? Well, it all comes down to your source.

Let's see what predictions are out there from the Old Farmer's Almanac, the New Farmer's Almanac, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. But first, what is normal for Maine when it comes to transitioning from the snow of winter to the warmer 50-degree weather we get our flip-flops out for?

Maine's Averages for Winter Weather Months

According to weather-us.com, Maine's averages are what Mainer's would expect to see this time of year. Here's a synopsis but get your details here.

  • February is cold and when we have snowstorms it's a load, not just a dustin.
  • March - cold until the last week but messy and precipitous with rain and snow, averaging 4 - 5" of rain along with around a dozen inches of snow for the month.
  • April, while full into spring but still enduring winter weather, sees about 5" of snow, and 4 - 5 inches of rain with typically overcast conditions. Temperatures can reach the 50s by this point but, the sun is usually not out to join us.

Long-Range Outlook With Little Commonalities

While we would like to know what sort of mental fortitude we need to have in order to endure the patience of waiting for warmer weather and more sunshine to come our way, there is no surefire way to tell for sure. So, looking for some sort of direction, let's turn things to three sources that have some sort of authority on predicting the weather: the Farmer's Almanac, the Old Farmer's Almanac, and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

Unfortunately, even they can't agree on the details to come and, ultimately, your guess and their guess sounds to be just as good as mine.


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Predictions from the Farmers Almanac

Daniel Berehulak
Daniel Berehulak

According to the Farmers Almanac, the Northeast is supposed to endure a typical winter chill this season. They did specify a stormy January and a tranquil February. We've seen a stormy past few weeks that has continued into the beginning of February so far but does that mean the rest of February should quiet down? Well, apparently not. The Farmer's Almanac also predicts 'a winter whopper' at the end of February for us here in the Northeast.

Predictions for March from Farmers Almanac have March very quiet when it's quiet but, very precipitous when it's not so quiet. There is a prediction of a late winter storm coming through in the middle of March and a nor'easter closing out the month. Temperatures for March are predicted to linger our winter exasperation with a prediction of perpetuating below normal cold temperatures lingering for many parts of the country.

SUMMARY: Typically cold with a late 'winter whopper' in February, maddening March with persistent cold temperatures and a mid-March storm, and late March nor'easter.


The Old Farmer's Almanac Long-Range Predictions

Jason Blackeye/Unsplash
Jason Blackeye/Unsplash


The Old Farmer's Almanac was a little less specific than the 'regular' Farmer's Almanac but gave us a little something: February will see snowstorms throughout the middle of February as well as temperatures that are a little warmer and more precipitation than usual.

For March, the Old Farmer's Almanac predicts a quiet March with a 'wishful thinking' beginning warm-up that will result in a wicked fluctuation of cold and warm temperatures. Overall, the month is set to be a little warmer and a little more precipitous than usual.

SUMMARY: It's a good thing February is the shortest month because it'll be a messy, stormy month and March will have you on a merry-go-round of enduring patience as you wait for warmer temperatures to become consistent.


Prediction for the end of winter from NOAA

Issued January 20th, the outlook from NOAA for February to April 2022, sees New England temperatures likely being above normal for the State of Maine.

Meanwhile, precipitation is looking to be average for the next three months throughout Northern New England. Not a lot to go on there but, the U.S. National Weather Service out of Caribou states that February will be warmer, high chance of normal precipitation levels.


In Conclusion

Spencer Platt, Getty Images
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

February may or may not be stormy but, we can expect typical precipitation, possibly, with cold or above normal temperatures. March will see warmer temperatures than February but will oscillate between cold and warm temperatures just to eff with you. BTW, there may be more storms in March likely, but not for sure. April, it's on the calendar. It'll rain in April and we won't see the sunshine as much as we want to.

Here's to warmer temperatures and probably more shoveling in our future!

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