Maine's Bicentennial parade, which was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, finally rolled down Main Street in Lewiston on Saturday but was met with many protestors lining the streets waiting for Governor Janet Mills to roll by.

On August 12, the Mills Administration announced a requirement for health care workers in Maine to be vaccinated against COVID-19. That requirement and mask mandates in some situations have been met with mixed feelings. Some applauded the decision as a way to help stop the spread of COVID while others derided it claiming it's a violation of their rights.

Video posted by Reddit user jbrivers, show the angry protestors lining the sidewalk of the Longley Bridge between Lewiston and Auburn as Grand Marshall of the parade, Governor Mills, approached riding in a 3D printed boated by the University of Maine. It holds the Guinness World Record for the largest solid 3D-printed item.

Mills waved to the crowd accompanied in the boat by Sen. Bill Diamond (D - Cumberland) and University of Maine mascot, Bananas T. Bear. As she approached the protestors they came to life shouting, chanting and waving signs reading "Mills Kills," "Heroes Now Zeroes" referring to health care workers, and "My undeniable rights don't end where your fear begins."

WGME reported that the crowd walked alongside Governor Mills float to the end of the parade. Police were present near the protestors, but the crowd did appear to keep things peaceful.

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