When a big, hungry bear tried to eat a Bass Harbor trail cam, the resulting footage showed off his pretty teeth and some scary-looking claws.

UPDATE: Dwayne Graham says the bear was chewing on a security camera, not a trail cam, as we originally thought. He said the bear tipped over a heavy trash can, scattered his trash, and then chewed on the camera.....which survived!

This video was all over Facebook yesterday, of a large black bear who was just looking for something to eat. He tries biting on the arm of a chair, but knocks it over when it doesn't taste good. And then he becomes very interested in this shiny thing that looks like it could be tasty. I honestly don't know if it's a trail cam or a security camera, but it doesn't matter. Dwayne Graham posted the video that caught a dramatic look at what it must be like to be bitten by a bear. I can honestly say I hope it's the last time I see this sight.

On the other hand, this seems to be a very hearty bear with a mouth full of healthy-looking teeth.He must be good at foraging for food. He just needs to stay away from the shiny, black thing with the pretty light. It's not edible.

Starting around 4:00 into the video, you can start catching sight of his impressive claws. So, if you ever hear someone say bears are cute and cuddly and they would love to see one up close....show them this video. They're cute, alright...and dangerous, deadly, and downright ornery when they first wake up hangry in the Spring. I hope I never meet up with this bear in person.

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