Be on the lookout for two Z listeners who were the stars of the night!!

Things got crazy in Bangor last weekend, when R-Rated Hypnotist Steve Coppola brought his show to Season's Downunder Club last Saturday night! The Z Morning Show gave away tickets to this event, and both winners got into the act.

Ace Hypnotist Steve Coppola got his certificate from the Ultimate Stage Hypnosis training by legendary Hypnotist Jerry Valley and Tommy Vee. He also completed his training from Don Spencer at The Ultimate Stage Hypnosis training. This training combined with his years of experience as a professional comedian, makes for a seriously fun evening! From the video you will notice that Steve knows how to engage an audience and keep people rolling in the aisles.

Big thanks to our buddy Bryan Stackpole, for putting this video together, and allowing us to share it with all of you!

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