It's an exciting time of year when we start seeing crocuses spring up from the ground and we start hearing frogs singing at night.

Another creature we can expect to see very soon is the Mourning Cloak butterfly.  But, how you might find this butterfly might make you do a double take.

The Mourning Cloak, also known as the Camberwell Beauty, is a mostly black or very dark colored butterfly that has light colored edges to it's wings. The underside of the wing make it perfect for to be hidden in the Maine woods since it looks like the pattern of tree bark.  But, when the wings are opened up, you'll be able to see more coloring that make this butterfly quite a sight to see.

According to the Maine Department of Agriculture Conservation & Forestry, this butterfly can be found in woodland areas and can be early risers in the springtime as adult butterflies emerge from wood piles or hollowed logs.

While it can be the first butterfly we see of the season, and one of the longest lasting of butterflies, we may come across it in what may seem like sad circumstances.

This butterfly has the unique ability to 'play dead'.  Check out this video of one person showing us how this butterfly becomes stunned and seems to play dead.

For more about the Mourning Cloak and how to catch a glimpse of our first butterfly of the season, check out this month's Maine Department of Agriculture Conversation & Forestry Nature Note.

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