It's no secret that the City of Bangor, along with local community organizations, have been working to find solutions to the issue of an increasing population of homeless individuals within the city limits.

In September of last year, The Ramada Inn was closed to the public, and turned into temporary housing for an overflow of homeless people that couldn't fit into the Bangor Area Homeless Shelters due to Covid-19 restrictions.

A portable shower was even set up at one point, outside of The Brick Church on Union and Main St, to offer these individuals a place to bathe.

And just this week, City officials took another step to offer another important resource to those who lack housing; restroom facilities.

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In a proposal sent to City Council Members earlier in the month, Bangor Parks And Rec Director, Tracy Willette outlined a plan that would place 4 portable toilets throughout the City to give people access to a place to go to the bathroom. In the proposal, Willette shares that Casella Waste Management is open helping service these public restroom sites.

"In their proposal, they would place these units with the understanding a team of individuals would be cleaning and removing debris from the unit’s multiple times a day. Casella would provide the following services up to five times per week:

Pump out each unit and refill each tank

Paper and sanitizer restock

Damage repairs as they occur

The price tag for the public toilet maintenance is just under $6,000 a month, with Casella and The Greater Bangor Housing Coalition sharing the cleaning, restocking and repair duties.

While the location of the these proposed public restroom facilities has yet to be determined, according to a Bangor Daily News article, once in place, these facilities would also be up for use by the general public.

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