A video of the moments leading up to a police-involved shooting in a Newport Campground has been released by the Maine Attorney General's Office.

How Did the Encounter Start?

Police were called to the Sebasticook Lake Campground on Friday afternoon after the Penobscot Regional Communications Center learned of a social media post claiming a man with a gun was on the premises. Officers from several law enforcement agencies responded, with Penobscot County Deputy Kenneth York the first to arrive. Officials say there was an armed confrontation and Stephen Bossom, 35, was shot and killed by the deputy.

What's In the Video?

Now the Maine Attorney General's Office has released a video of the moments leading up to the shooting. The beginning of the video shows Bossom arguing with Deputy York and another member of law enforcement. He can be heard questioning why there aren't more police there and says "If you shoot me, everyone will know." He then informs the officers that they're going to wait for the 'actual cops' to arrive. One of the members of law enforcement can be heard telling Bossom to put his gun down, and he replies "You want to shoot me? Shoot me." At this point, Bossom raises the gun and points it at the officers, and Deputy York's gun can be seen being raised, in response, and a single shot being fired. We warn you that this video could be disturbing to some.

Deputy York is now on administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation by the Maine Attorney General's Office. This is standard procedure for any police-involved shooting.

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