We've been enjoying a nice week so far.

For the last several days, we've been having some really nice weather. Lots of sunshine, warm-ish days in the mid-60's... You couldn't really ask for much better spring weather. And as this week goes on, the temps are going to slowly start edging upwards, little by little.

It's funny. I love this part of spring. The part where we're having the hints of warm weather, but it hasn't fully settled into summer. When summer gets going full swing, I tend to become a little grumpier. The super hot weather annoys the crap out of me, and makes me start wishing for fall again. But there's good news for you hot weather lovers.

Bangor may see it's first 90 degree day this weekend.

It's looking quite possible. If you take a peek at the forecast from the National Weather Service out of Caribou, it's calling for temps in the mid to upper 80's. Depending on where you are in the Bangor area, the mercury could easily slide up into the 90's. It's not really that big a stretch at this point.

For instance, out where I live, the temps always seem to run 3-4 degrees cooler than the areas around me. But if you're living in the downtown area of Bangor, you could easily run the thermometer right up. It's going to go from a nice warm spring stretch into full summer for a day. And then of course, the next day it's right back down to 70-ish.

Also, tempting though it may be this week as things heat up, avoid the temptation to go jumping in lakes, streams, and rivers. Despite the warm air, the water temps will still be frigid. Especially the ocean. But otherwise, enjoy all the beautiful summerlike weather we have coming packed into the next several days.


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