For years, Hermon Mountain has been a family favorite of those in Eastern Maine who enjoy playing outside in the wintertime. The site of many a birthday party, high school ski-team practice, and company team-building outing, a number of Eastern Maine's kids spent their fair share of winter afternoons at Hermon Mountain, over the past few decades.

And now this little Maine gem is up for sale.

According to the website, New England Ski History, it was purchased by Bill and Marlene Whitcomb in the late 80s.

Listing Broker, Jessica Wiltbank with the Masiello Group, says when the Whitcombs bought the property in the 80s, it was the original lodge. The family did an overhaul of the site in 2003, rebuilding a new lodge, getting rid of the old T-bar system, and putting in the new ski lift. They would start making snow in October and not stop until the end of the season, in March.

The Hermon Mountain and Ski Resort offered everything from skiing and snowboarding, to tubing and special events like "Night Skiing". I'm sure there are many kids and grown-ups alike who learned to ski there or got their gear tuned up at their rental/tuning shop.

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Witbank says the Whitcombs decided to retire after over 30 years in the business, but are hopeful that someone who wants to continue the work or maybe even expand the operation, will be looking to invest.

"We're hoping for somebody who is already running a lodge in the area will want to keep it running, as it is, or want to expand it. Maybe build another lodge, and expand the summer season so people could do weddings, potentially, or summer camps. Stuff that they just didn't have the opportunity to do."

Hermon Moutain and Ski Resort, located at 44 Newburgh Rd. in Hermon, is currently listed with the Massiello Group for a cool $5-million dollars.

"It is 67.5 acres total with room for expansion. Everything goes with it. All the equipment. All the equipment that is rented out to skiers, everything. It's a turn-key sale."

Witbank says she hopes whoever does decide to buy it, realizes just what an important impact Hermon Mountain has had, and could still have on this area.

"There's a lot of local pride in Hermon Mountain. Really in all of Eastern and Central Maine, there's really nowhere else to go skiing that's easy access out of Bangor. Hermon Mountain is an important part of the community. It's not just a place to go ski, but it's a gathering place for people."

For more information on the sale of Hermon Mountain and Ski Resort, you can contact Witbank directly through this link. 

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