I'm prepared for this opinion to set some people on fire.

Here's the thing, first and foremost, you can be either of the people I'm about to describe and it doesn't mean I think you're a bad person. In fact, I dare say if you had to assign "good" or "bad" to either of these types, I definitely fall under the bad type. I base these offerings partly on my own opinion and that of people I've discussed this with.

But really, when you're driving down the road and a pickup becomes part of the travel equation, there are two scenarios that present themselves the most. It seems there are only one of two ways to go, so let's get right into it and see where you land on this point, shall we?

You're in front of me driving 2 mph under the speed limit.

There's going to be a debate in both directions as to which is better or worse, but we'll start with this person. I admit I'm a bit impatient behind the wheel. But nothing gets me more than being behind anyone that won't go the speed limit. Sure, I'd love it if you could go a tad over, but hitting the mark would be just fine.

this could happen with any car true, but it's almost guaranteed that if I'm going down a back road and catch up to a pickup truck, they're definitely going under the speed limit. I'm not sure if they're unofficial traffic cops, but they make me swear a lot. Eventually, I'm likely to pass you and leave you in the dust at the first opportunity.

I'm going 15 mph over the speed limit, yet you're riding so close I can't see your lights.

This is the other maddening thing that happens a lot. Like I admitted a few minutes ago, I'm impatient as all get-out. So if you come screaming up behind me, you're a straight-up criminal speeder. typically, I find these folks are so close to my bumper that they can see how much gas I have in the tank. Maybe they're just checking for me?

You can argue that people pull all this crap in regular cars too, but I kind of disagree. I've never pulled up behind a Corvette doing 35 in a 40, nor have I ever had a Honda CRV pull up behind me flashing its lights that I'm going too slow. Maybe never is a strong word, but more often than not.

I'm not hating on anyone. That's not the point.

This isn't about bagging on truck owners. If I owned a truck, I'd absolutely be in the "bad" category. But these are my lifelong observations that I can only now fully articulate. Whichever person you might be, maybe just think twice about that and try to meet in the middle somewhere. I'll just be the only jerk in the Honda CRV checking your gas from behind you in my car.


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