What on earth could Pennywise be running for? President? Bangor City Council? Water District superintendent?

We'll the last one isn't an elected office, so it's probably not that.

Anyways, black and white political signs featuring Bangor resident Stephen King's notorious clown have popped up all over the city, including at the corner of State Street and Broadway where the photo above was taken. We've also had reports of signs in front of City Hall and at Little City Park.

When asked for a comment on the signs, specifically what office Pennywise could be seeking, King sent us the following statement:

Pennywise is running for president under his alias, Donald Trump.

He also Tweeted the photo below Wednesday afternoon.

It's fair to say King is no fan of the Republican nominee, telling the Washington Post that the prospect of a Trump presidency "scares [him] to death." In another recent Tweet, King also compared Trump to H.P Lovecraft's evil being Cthulhu.

Despite Pennywise's fame, it would seem the "It" antagonist would have an uphill battle at the polls considering the wave of negative press surrounding creepy clowns. Plus, there's that whole murderous streak. Voters usually have a tough time getting past something like that.

We've confirmed that the fictional (we hope) character's name does not really appear on the city ballot. We suppose you could always write his name in. It's our understanding he resides at (well, under) the corner of Union and Jackson streets (below.)

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