You may recall that I may have been the originator of the hoodie mask, a few short months ago when Kid would eat beans in the studio slathered in mustard.

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Now my hoodie picture takes on a whole new meaning nowadays.

Welp, it looks like the hoodie-turned-mask idea may have caught on with an even better way to protect you- a see through pot lid.

Cat Streem posted a non-verbal how-to of this ingenious idea on Facebook, looks to originally be posted to TikTok, and now everybody can walk around looking absolutely ridiculous while absolutely ridiculously avoiding spreading your COVID-y mouth spray from yourself or avoiding it from others.

Cat's post simply reads:

For those of you looking to improvise...

Any proud Mainer has themselves a hoodie.  And, even if it's not see through, I'm sure you could find yourself a pot lid.

Damn, you could even use a snowmobile mask- no one would even blink an eye!

HJC Helmets via Amazon

Any other helpful suggestions?