A video was shared to social media platform Reddit early Sunday morning what seems to be a midnight cruise on a skid loader at an apartment complex near University of Maine in Orono.

The video shows at least three different people erratically operating the Bobcat skid loader and trying to pull off donuts in the full parking lot of the apartment complex, driving over curbs, up on sidewalks and skidding over grass. Meanwhile, the person shooting the video seems to be quite amused and astonished by the activities happening. At one point, someone jumps on the back of the skid-steer loader and is holding on with one arm while the operator steers unsteadily.

About a minute into the video, the Orono Police Department is being filmed investigating inside the Bobcat. Video cuts to the videographer walking past an Orono Police Department vehicle, the skid-steer and police officers, who are standing in front of the apartment complex. The videographer says "hi" to the police officer while also seemingly claiming innocence of being a part of the nightly activities.

Newscenter Maine provided more information about the story Sunday afternoon including that the incident was at Orchard Trails Apartment, a student housing complex near the University of Maine in Orono and that officers were called to the apartments around midnight on Saturday night.  As of Sunday evening, Orono Police are looking to identify suspects from the video.

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The video was posted by redditor mikegecawicz and was posted to the Reddit community 'Hold My Beer', a community commonly dedicated to sharing videos of men doing dumb things on purpose. Here's what the community has as their about blurb:

"Hey man, hold my beer. Check this out" the classic words that end in either awesomeness or injury.

The video has garnered 5,800 upvotes on the social media platform, as well as earned two awards, which are "extra credits" that are doled out by other redditors to give extra praise for submitters' posts.

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