A very rare sight was filmed in the Maine woods: A partially white moose.

A bizarre sight was filmed recently in the Maine woods. Two videos appear to show a cow moose with a patch of white hair on her back. The videos were shot by registered Maine Guide Larry Gooding, in Piscataquis County. Although the video quality is grainy, you can pretty clearly see a large section of white hairs on her back.

Moose biologist for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Lee Kantar, told the Bangor Daily News

“There are cases of both piebald and albino moose in various parts of the world. Both, depending on the extent of the piebald characteristics, are very uncommon, but not unheard of.”

Piebald moose have been spotted in Canada, Alaska, and Sweden.

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Maine has been the setting for stories of a giant "specter moose." Accounts of the all-white bull moose were reported in newspapers around the state and the New York Times in 1901, 1917 and 1932. Articles described the specter moose as being white in color, standing at 13 feet tall, with a rack width of 10 feet. The use of the word "specter" likely is because of the moose's fur color, not that it's a ghost.

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