You would have thought it would have been the stormy weather that put a damper on this past weekend's Bob Marley shows at The Grand in Ellsworth. But in true Mainer fashion, Marley wasn't about to let a little snow keep him from spreading laughs to Downeast Maine. At one point, prior to the storm hitting Friday, Marley joked that he should have brought his snow plow up with him from Southern Maine.

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While the majority of this weekend's performances went off without a hitch, despite the rain and snow and sleet, it wasn't Mother Nature at all that caused a kerfuffle Sunday evening, rather a bit of a bad habit instead.

You see, Marley was in the midst of his first of two shows Sunday night, when the fire alarm went off, sending the entire audience out into the elements until the building was cleared and deemed safe again.

According to The Grand's Facebook Page, it was later discovered that someone had been vaping in the bathroom, and that is what set the alarm off.

The face of vaping young man on black studio background

"Had a little false alarm but everyone is back into finish the first show. Bob’s 2nd show may start a little late. "

"P.s. Vaping in the bathroom sets off the alarm!"

I'm sure Marley, being a consummate professional with a great sense of humor, didn't miss a beat when the audience did return to their seats. If anything, the situation likely provided him with at least a few new jokes.

This would not be the first time an audience was evacuated from a live performance. In fact, just a few years ago, in March of 2019, during a performance of a play called "Ripcord" at the Penobscot Theatre, a real can of pepper spray was used (it had been improperly labeled as a fake can) and the audience and some of the cast members suffered respiratory distress, while the show took an intermission and the audience evacuated while the building was aired out.

Siberian Photographer
Siberian Photographer

As they say in the business, "the show must go on" and it usually does. But in this case, it's likely the vaper in question, who brought Marley's show to a halt, will likely learn that the jokes must go on and do--and they might just find themselves living in infamy for a while because of it.

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