The Department of Corrections has shed some light on the case of escaped convict Arnold Nash, including that he was in Charleston in a pre-release capacity.

At a media conference today in Augusta, Dr. Joseph Fitzpatrick, commissioner for the Maine Department of Corrections, gave more information on the search for the convicted murderer who escaped from the Mountain View Correctional Facility in Charleston on Thursday, September 13. He declined to give details about Nash's method of escape, other than to say that he walked away from the unfenced, minimum security facility.

Nash was in Charleston in a pre-release capacity, since he was due to get out of prison in December 2019. Fitzpatrick said this is standard procedure for long-term inmates who are reaching the end of their sentence, in order to re-acclimate them to society.

He said the prisoners are always in a supervised capacity, but declined to explain how Nash could have walked away if he was being supervised. Prior to his escape, the 65-year-old had not shown any signs of aggression or violence., Fitzpatrick said. Despite that statement, Fitzpatrick said Nash is considered dangerous and anyone who spots him should NOT approach him, but rather call the State Police or Department of Corrections.

This is the third time that Nash has escaped from prison, as it's just recently come to light that the first was when he was in his 20s and incarcerated in Windham. He also escaped in 1981, with another convicted murderer and was at large for several weeks before being caught. At the time of his second escape, Nash was within a year of his release, as he is now.

The search for Nash is concentrating in the Charleston area, but is also branching out into other communities where law enforcement feels he has a connection. Fitzpatrick declined to go into any further detail about search areas. But he said that multiple Maine state agencies are taking part in the manhunt, as well as the New Hampshire State Police.

Residents are advised to remain vigilant and keep their doors and windows locked. Again, do NOT approach Nash, but contact the Maine State Police, at (207) 973-3700, or the Department of Corrections at (207) 285-0880.

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