Coach Barron has some mad guitar skills!

Unfortunately, The UMaine men’s and women’s basketball teams did not compete in their season opening tournaments. When the men made their trip to play at Mohgean Sun, someone in the UMaine program tested positive for COVID-19. The school is suspending sports activities through at least December 8th

The lady Black Bears were to face Virginia in the opener last week, and in anticpation of the matchup, head coach Richard Barron did a cover of a song that Back In The Day Cafe fans might remember, "Meet Virginia" by the band Train. Barron cleverly made up his own lyrics to the song and posted it to U Maine's social media.

Yes, the game did get cancelled, but we thought we would share the video with you, because he did such a great job. I even took the liberty of transcribing the lyrics too!

The team colors are orange and blue, they put your socks on just like you. tested for COVID, we did too, negative rsults are beautiful. The coach is a good christian man. he's doing the best he can, tough firts opponent, but we have a plan, scouting report is beautiful.

Meet Virginia, I can't to Meet Virginia.

Still the defending national champs, but that all happened way in the past, played em last year, so we had a chance, second chances are beautiful.

Meet Virginia

Well we'll play at Mohegan Sun, a real game will be so fun, while the fans say to ESPN, why do we have to play an America East team again?

The coach palyed in the NBA, he was D3, but anyway, neither of us get to play that day, ain't that beautiful? The defense is suffocating, need really good officiating, to beat the odds we are calculating. ain't that beautiful?

Meet Virginia

Well they call it bubbleville, and to play will be a thrill. Test oursevles against the best, after the game we'll need some rest.

Won't fall asleep till midnight, anticipating and uptight, but that will ened when the lights come on, we'll come together like magic, for Virginia it may be tragic. The Stein song will play on and on.

Meet Virginia. I can't wait to beat Virginia.

Well we'll shoot till the rafters ring, in Maine they'll be partying. It will feel like destiny, our win on Thanksgiving Eve. 2020 Thanksgiving Eve.

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