The University of Maine is welcoming students back to their campuses to start the Fall Semester this week.

The University of Maine is asking their incoming students to lead- to be 'the envy of the nation' and practice some key things to try to keep COVID-19 from becoming a problem for another American university in the time of this pandemic.

The Chancellor of the UMaine system, Dannel Malloy, sent out some information to the incoming students last week that shared how the students individually can do their part to stop COVID-19 transmission on the campuses.

The Chancellor Malloy made a point to mention that Maine's COVID counts and transmission has been low with a pat on the back to the people of Maine who have done what they are suppose to do to avoid transmission.

With that the Chancellor is encouraging students to lead and care for the start of the new school year. Here is what the University is telling the students how to lead this school year:

#1. Stay home and safe now, before returning, or starting your journey, on campus this fall.

#2. Wear a mask, which are required on campus at all times.

#3. Bringing a negative COVID test to campus, if possible.  A negative COVID test is required for out-of-state students and for those living in residence halls.

#4. Stay safe on campus by practicing recommended procedures such as limiting travel and staying in the University community throughout the entire semester.

Chancellor Malloy ends her letter to the students with 'We have one chance to get this right' through practicing these four elements of avoiding COVID-19 transmission, for the student body and the communities of Maine.

See the full letter to students 'Safe Return Student Leadership'.

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