The good news: the attack on Tumblr from a hacker group may be over. The bad news: it was a really big one. Reportedly over 8,000 unique Tumblr users were affected by the massive worm, including blogs associated with media outlets such as the USA Today and Reuters.

The attack consisted of an anti-Tumblr blog post rant that contained racist language and encouraged readers to commit suicide. If an infected party tried to delete the post they were told that action would also delete their Tumblr account. (We're not going use the name of the hacker group, which is itself racially inflammatory.)

However if your Tumblr account was hit by the attack you would surely know what we are talking about. The group claims it warned Tumblr a few weeks ago about a hole in their security, but the blog network didn't respond or make any move to fix it.

While Tumblr has said they have fixed the hole, as of about 1:30 PM East Coast time, you may want to stay off Tumblr until there is more information.

If you do have to get onto your Tumblr accounts, you should be OK if you stick to your dashboard. If visiting other Tumblr pages, you won't catch the virus as long as you are logged out of your account. Happy and safe Tumbling!

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