We've hit a point in the pandemic when meat may be in short supply soon.  An option to consider is to connect with farmers who you can order directly from.

Check out the website 'Farms That Are Delivering.com' which features farms from all across the country who can deliver their goods to you!

Fresh vegetables, fresh meat and dairy products are just a few of the items you can sign up for.  Also, you are able to filter exactly what you are looking for including options like grass-fed beef, buying a la carte, and specific preparation needs (e.g. Kosher).

Want a local farm?  Put your town and state in the search field and it will list the farms that are closest to you first.

Maine farms featured on the list include:

Get shopping and purchase direct from farmers nationwide.

Here's another group 'Daybreak Growers Alliance' that distributes mainly in Southern and Central Maine with similar services.  It looks like they may want to expand their reach so connect with them through their website for more information.

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