This month, environmental efforts are focused worldwide on a 'Plastic-Free' July.
This month you can help the effort by looking into who in your area is selling local produce so you can support the effort to make Maine plastic-free.
There are lots of local farms and seafood producers in the State of Maine that you can visit and purchase from to avoid wasteful packaging that you would typically have from the grocery store.
The University of Maine Cooperative Extension have set-up an interactive map of Maine farms and seafood producers that you can visit.
No matter where you are in the state of Maine, there is a farm not too far from you.  Seafood producers however are mainly on the coast.  Check for your closest producers with this interactive map or this spreadsheet.
Producers who want to be included on this map and spreadsheet can inquire with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension by going to their 'Add Or Update Your Listing' webpage.
According to the National Resources Council of Maine there are lots of reasons to give up plastic:
  • Support public health
  • Support the local economy
  • Support human rights

Maine's recent efforts in going plastic-free has actually resulted in banning single-use plastic shopping bags and foam food containers in Maine, these laws to take effect in January 2021.

Other ways you can put efforts forth to reduce plastic use in the State of Maine include:
  • Buying alternative products that don't use plastic
  • Use reusable shopping bags
  • Use reusable coffee mugs, travel mugs and water bottles
  • Avoid disposable plastic cups and utensils.  Opt for wooden utensils and paper cups.
For more on how you can participate in 'Plastic-Free' July in the State of Maine and make changes here for the state, visit National Resources Council of Maine blog dedicated to this month's focus on 'Plastic-Free' July.

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