Travis Scott has kept himself under the radar since the tragedy at his Astroworld festival back in November, but the Houston rapper was spotted last night at an NFL playoff game.

In photos that emerged online via TMZ this morning (Jan. 18), La Flame was spotted in the field-level seating area at the Los Angeles' Ram game against the Arizona Cardinals at SoFi stadium, where he maintained a low profile in the back of the suite with a group of friends.

Unfortunately for Travis, a sewage pipe burst in the suite beside where the Cactus Jack Records head and his crew were, causing a mess that called for the maintenance crew to clean. The busted pipe resulted in a pungent smell that seemed to permeate throughout the area.

The gossip outlet notes that although some people left the game early due to the smell, Travis Scott stuck it out and eventually left with only a couple of minutes remaining in the game, which ended with the Rams besting the Cardinals with a score of 34 to 11, respectively.

Prior to this outing, the multiplatinum-selling rapper was seen around the Thanksgiving holiday last year on a golfing trip with NBA legend Michael Jordan, actor Mark Wahlberg, French-American actor Saïd Taghmaoui and Corey Gamble, who is dating Kris Jenner—the mother of Kylie Jenner, whom Travis shares a child with and has another on the way.

The picture of Travis surfaced on Reddit and included the caption, "Yesterday, Travis was finally outside, hanging out with Micheal Jordan, Mark Wahlberg and Corey Gamble."

Following the mass casualty event at Astroworld festival on Nov. 5, 2021, not only has Travis Scott refrained from being in the limelight, but he's also been hit with billions of dollars in lawsuits in connection to the concert that resulted in 10 deaths and numerous injuries.

Despite Travis' event taking a turn for the absolute worst, he has offered support to the attendees and families impacted by the calamity by providing mental health support as well as offering to cover funeral costs for the lives lost.

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