Enter...if you dare!

The Bangor Historical Society’s “Darker Side of Mount Hope Walking Tour” is happening on October 23 and 24 from 6pm-9pm. The Darker Side of Mount Hope Cemetery is a visit to the graves of Bangorian’s who left this world before their time, or under mysterious circumstances. At each gravesite, a living soul will be telling the stories of the departed.

This year they will be using timed entry to assist with COVID-19 safety measures. Tickets must be purchased for an assigned time. Attendees will be allowed into the tours in groups of 10 every 20 minutes starting at 6pm with the last group entering at 9pm. This will enable socially distancing each group of 10 around Mount Hope Cemetery.

Tickets are $10 and MUST be purchased in advance by contacting curator@bangorhistoricalsociety.org . Space is limited and tickets will sell fast and time slots are selected by the buy on a first come, first serve basis.

Per state guidelines, masks must be worn at all times and guests are encouraged to bring a flashlight. They are asking everyone to plan to stay in their vehicles until 20 minutes before their assigned time when they are asked to check in. Be sure to remember that this is a working cemetery and they ask that you please be respectful to all rules.

Walking distance is about one mile. Parking is along the driveway on the State Street entrance to Mount Hope, 1048 State Street.

Built in 1834, Bangor’s 300 acre Mount Hope Cemetery is the nation’s second oldest garden cemetery. It was designed by renowned architect Charles G. Bryant as part of a national movement to provide respite from grassless urban landscapes. Garden cemeteries were created as much for living as for those who had passed on.

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