We don't always have great luck with sky stuff.

I feel like Maine robs us of so many night sky events. I always see stuff on the news or whatever about meteor showers, or northern lights, or whatnot. I live out in the woods-ish, and have very little light pollution, but for the life of me, every time something like this is supposed to happen, it's cloudy, or it's raining, or just not in the right place.

But, as I began gathering intel for this here article, the very first thing I did was check the weather. Granted, it's a few days off, but the weather this coming Tuesday actually looks fantastic. It seems to be in the warming trend we'll see over the next few days. So here's what we might be looking forward to.

It's all starting very early Tuesday morning.

At the crack of dawn, a total lunar eclipse will begin. If you're lucky, you'll already have voted, so that way you can enjoy this moment, instead of thinking about how crappy the rest of the day will be, hahaha. But at around 5:16am, it kicks off. According to WGME, the moon will be fully red by this point, and should stay that way for roughly 45 minutes.

From that point, the red will fade back to normal. And if you're into the preview period of the eclipse, start watching an hour or so before 5:15am. By the time 7:00am rolls around, the whole moon will just be gone. So it's kind of short and sweet, but also a great way to start a day.

Again, at least the weather is on track cooperate. We'll all have to keep our fingers crossed for it to stay that way.

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