Treetopia came out with a list of each state's favorite recipes that are searched during the holiday season.

The list was accumulated from search information from Google that was trending in 2019 using holiday foods and drinks.

Maine's top recipe?  I hot toddy, bub!

Now, what exactly is a hot toddy?

Wikipedia uses the following key phrases to give us a glimpse into what exactly makes up a hot toddy: mixed drink, liquor, water, honey, herbs, spices, served hot.  There are many different variations of a hot toddy so, it only makes sense that Mainers were looking for a recipe that hit the right spot for the holidays.

Other northern New England states' favorite holiday recipes included baked brie for New Hampshire, roasted potatoes in Massachusetts, Eggnog in Vermont. Connecticut's most searched was also roasted potatoes and Rhode Island's was stuffing.

Who else was looking for hot toddy's like us here in Maine?  Nobody!  Just us.  Haha.

There did seem to be some regional favorites.  The western states seem to really enjoy their mashed potato recipes.  Southern states wanted to find recipes for sweet potato casserole. Roasted carrots seemed to also be a favorite for Mid-Atlantic states and parts of the Midwest.  Our non-continental states, Hawaii and Alaska, are fans of Cranberry Sauce.

The outliers included Maine, who are all about the hot toddy, South Dakota, who love their green bean casserole, Montana, who are the only ones all about the prime rib and New Hampshire were the only ones all about that baked brie.

The same article also features each state's favorite desserts and Maine seems to be right in line with West Virginia with Thumbprint Cookies being our top search and thus our favorite Christmas time dessert.

Other New England states were interested in sugar cookies, Gingerbread, and bread pudding.

In the mood for a hot toddy now?  Check out these recipes for Maine's most searched Christmas beverage.

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