News stories in 2022 ranged from drugs to murders, assaults and thefts. These are the top 25 that you clicked on the most.

Writing news is challenging, to be sure. That old saying, 'if it bleeds, it leads,' is gruesome, but not entirely untrue. People are interested in reading about serial killers, fatal accidents, and the like. But that's not all they want to read about, as this list will prove.

What Types of Stories Are On the List?

This is the age of reality television and true crime, so stories that include videos always do well. On this list, we have a video taken of a local business owner that catches him in a questionable act, one of the final moments before a police-involved shooting, and another of a Maine woman who died in New York at the hands of someone who's believed to be a serial killer.

Drug busts are in the news on a weekly basis, and always seem to do well. People are interested in the size of the seizure and whether the people arrested were from Maine or from away. In 2022, a large drug bust in Bucksport proved especially popular with our readers.

Does Any Story Show Up More Than Once?

And the disappearance of a man who seemingly vanished into thin air has been followed by the entire state, with people constantly watching for any sign of him. Graham Lacher shows up on our list twice, a testament to the amazing job his mother and others are doing with keeping his name in the news.

Can We See the List Now?

Run through this list and see how many of the stories you remember from 2022.

Top 25 Maine News Stories You Clicked on the Most in 2022

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