In all the talk of SNL Season 42's breakout year and political impressions, poor David Pumpkins seems like a world gone-by. Tom Hanks briefly resurrected the character for the finale, but the actor might now be teasing a full return in Season 43. Any questions?

Keep in mind that SNL Season 43 won’t premiere until September 30, and it would seem notably odd of the series to trot out David (S.) Pumpkins earlier than the episode closest to Halloween. Nonetheless. Hanks shared what appears to be a script page over Twitter; teasing a Fantasia-style David Pumpkins sequence that doesn’t match anything we’ve seen from the character:

The bizarrely-memorable bit first appeared in Hanks’ October hosting last year, and went viral through Halloween. The November election naturally turned Season 42’s bent a bit more political, though Hanks briefly appeared in the Dwayne Johnson-led finale as “David S. Pimpkins” during the pre-recorded “Rap Song.” From the looks of things, Hanks’ potential return would be far more involved.

In the meantime, Ryan Gosling will host the Season 43 premiere with musical guest Jay-Z, while Alec Baldwin has already pledged his return as Trump. We’ll see what, if any questions Hanks answers in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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