It was announced last week that Tom Brady now has an official color. And this color looks strikingly similar to a color that is associated with Tom's past with the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady Shade of Blue

The Pantone Color Institute is a company that creates, designates and licenses colors for universal use, particularly useful for those in the graphic design, marketing and branding business sectors.

The institute had collaborated with the Tom Brady on a new color that represents the man, the myth, the GOAT.

Brady Blue Has Come True

Brady's color is one chosen that reflects a past color that we would often see him in due to the colors of the New England Patriots, the team that saw the rise of his stardom but he has, in recent years, moved away from with his new position with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The color is called 'Brady Blue' and was developed with the all-star quarterback.

Why So Blue?

As explained in the Pantone Facebook post shared on the social media platform on December 23rd, the color is 'a bold blue tone exuding strength and confidence. The choice of this bold blue is also representative of Tom's 'self-determination and commitment to precision'.

I'm sure a lot of Pat's fans who may have some feels about their team's former quarterback may see this as homage to Brady's roots, others may see it as sting for healing wounds of losing the GOAT to another football team. Brady, however, may see it as breaking away from his former institution to own his individual self.

Anyway, I see the New England Patriots with Brady Blue... but, that's just me.

Rob Carr. Getty Images
(Photo By Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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