Todrick Hall claims that a friend of his broke into his home earlier this year and stole over $150,000 worth of luxury items.

On Saturday (Dec. 4), the American Idol alum posted a photo of the hooded burglar to his Instagram account along with the revelation that the perpetrator was a friend of his for eight years.

In July, TMZ first reported that someone broke into the YouTuber's home and stole over $50,000 worth of designer handbags and personal property. According to the video footage that Hall posted, the break-in took place on June 26.

"I DO know who broke into my house, and it broke my heart. It would’ve been sad for a stranger to take advantage of me, but the fact that it was a friend and someone I paid very well for almost 8 years crushes me and honestly made me lose a little faith in humanity," Hall wrote on Instagram.

Although Hall posted photos and videos of the perpetrators (i.e. the unnamed friend, their fiancé and another person), it is almost impossible to tell the identities of the people involved in the crime.

Hall added that he would not "put him on blast and tag him in this." However, Hall said that he does want the three involved with the crime to realize that he knows what they did.

Hall claimed that they stole $150,000 of luxury bags and "destroyed" his floor-to-ceiling windows. In addition to the theft and damage, Hall also claimed that the perpetrators put his cats in danger as there are coyotes living in his backyard. Despite the crime, Hall revealed that he does not plan to press charges and instead wants to "take the high road."

Because of the break-in, Hall revealed that he now has a live-in security guard since he will be going on his Femuline Tour in March 2022.

"Now I know to truly trust no b----. Not even the ones who pat you on the back and tell you how proud they are of you and your success 48 hours before they decide to rob you blind," Hall added.

Hall concluded his post by saying that he is "on to bigger and better things" with his new music and tour.

Read the full post, below.

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