Almost as sure as the changing leaves indicate the onset of fall, many of us who grew up in the Bangor area have come to distinguish the different seasons and holidays based on the decorations and outfits adorning the display at Dave's Movie Center and Romantic Supermart off of Union Street.

At St. Patrick's Day, for instance, you could always count on the fact that the mannequins would be wearing little green negligees and 4-leaf clovers. The 4th of July, fireworks and red-white-and-blue tassels. Even the back-to-school season had its own decorations; the mannequins would be in "school-girl" outfits, and that huge cut-out of the school kid and the large pencil would go up on the front of the building.

Shortly after Covid hit this past spring, some residents took notice that the mannequins -- that up until this point had become a permanent fixture in the downtown landscape-- had disappeared!

The windows at Dave's were bare, which led some folks to speculate that they had gone out of business. That was not the case, and the neon "Adult" signs stayed lit. But the ladies of the window were nowhere to be found.

Cori Skall

That is, until this week, when the ladies reappeared--after months of hiding away, out of the public's eye!

Cori Skall

There had been theories shuffled around online, even on one Bangor-based Facebook group, as to where the mannequins had been. One brave soul even ventured up to the building to read the little sign that showed up, that mentioned the ladies would be back soon.

A friend's teenage daughter was the first to point out that they had, in fact, returned. And being a consummate professional, I decided to drive by myself to verify this information.

Lo and behold...

Cori Skall

... there they were.

Cori Skall

In all their wintry glory...

Cori Skall

At least one window was done up with a "Winter Wonderland" theme.

I called over to Dave's to get the scoop as to why the mannequins had been missing in the first place.

The gentleman who answered informed me "They had to take some time off, and know...cuz of Covid."

He also said the the traditional Mrs. Santa outfits (that have been featured in their displays every Christmas season since I moved to the Bangor area)  would be reappearing on mannequins in the opposite window, in the very near future.

So there you have it.

For those who have trouble distinguishing what season we are in, here in Bangor, you no longer have to wonder. Just look no further than your local Romantic Supermart. They're happy to help remind you.

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