Police caught up with three wanted fugitives from New Hampshire at a home in Maine late Wednesday night.

Investigators observed the three running into the back bedrooms as police arrived at a home at 156 Long Swamp Road in Lebanon.

Police found Michael Francis, 28, hiding in a closet. He was wanted in New Hampshire for failure to appear on charges of Distribution of a controlled substance heroin/fentanyl. Police say Francis has refused to identify himself.

In another bedroom, police found Ricard Marino, 41. He was wanted in New Hampshire on a charge of violation of condition of release stemming from a charge of operating after habitual offender. Police also found suspected heroin/fentanyl in his possession.

Sarah Quint, 29, who initially provided police with a false name, was wanted in New Hampshire a charge of falsifying physical evidence and obstructing a criminal investigation.

All are being held at York County Jail, where they await extradition to New Hampshire.

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