It's a 4-season tradition in Bangor.

For years, 4 times a year, the Thomas Hill standpipe in Bangor would open its doors to let people climb the 100 stairs to the top, for some of the best views of the Bangor area you could possibly find. Folks would flock from all over to get in on the breathtaking views from the top.

Sadly, that hasn't happened at all in the last 18 months or so, thanks to COVID. And as we head toward fall, that isn't going to change. The Bangor Water District put up a post on their Facebook page, announcing that this fall's tour of the standpipe would be canceled.

Will the tours ever come back?

It's hard to say when folks will be allowed back up there. Even with all the unmasking and lifting of restrictions over the summer, there wasn't a summer tour either. The Water District likely will wait until it's 100% safe to re-open. Who can blame them? No one wants to be responsible for other people getting sick.

A lot of folks really miss these tours. As I said earlier, the top of the standpipe has some of the most stellar views in all the city. Amateur photographers and pros alike, have taken some of their best images up there. They're probably all chomping at the bit to get back up there for awesome seasonal images.

Let's hope for 2022 at this point.

Hopefully, we can corral the virus in the next year and finally get back to normal in a proper fashion. Did we jump the gun this summer? Maybe a bit, but people needed some real relief from all the lockdowns and quarantining. But let's keep our eyes on the prize and hope that the best is yet to come.

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