This week was anything but a slow one here in Vacationland! So much to talk about...

Last weekend, the Great Falls Balloon Festival drew spectators from all over New England, and it was another great year for the festival in Lewiston/Auburn.

The solar eclipse on Monday brought people together from all over the state. A few hundred people congregated in Monument Square throughout the afternoon, and a as far as we can tell... nobody went blind!

Maine's next solar eclipse will be like nothing else we've seen in a long time: In April 2024, the path of totality will pass directly over central and northern Maine, so book those hotel rooms now!

This weekend, more than 20 classic Maine lighthouses will be open to the public for tours. Maine's Open Lighthouse Day is a very cool annual event, so bring the kids and don't miss it!

A new round of Emojis were released this week, but alas... we're still without a lobster! What are the emoji people thinking?! There's now a petition going around to include a lobster with the next batch. Will you sign it?

And for a Maine flashback, one of comedian Tim Sample's old videos has been floating around the internet this week, and it's wicked good! Remember that old story about Wilbur from up Palmyra? Tim does, and it's a blast to listen to him tell it in this clip from 1985.

That's a short recap of all the stuff you might have missed in Maine this week... have a great weekend!

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