State Police are searching for the people responsible for throwing rocks from the Dinsmore Road overpass in Sidney onto the cars below.

In a post on the department's Facebook page, State Police say there are two separate instances of rocks being thrown onto vehicles. In the first case, a couple was traveling northbound on the night of August 16th when their vehicle was struck by an object. There's no indication of injuries in that case.

But the second instance was even scarier, when a child was hurt on the night of August 23rd. That night, it was a different couple and their 8-week-old infant who were traveling north in the same area in their pickup truck.  Their child was strapped in a car seat between the parents on the front seat when a rock was dropped from the overpass, breaking their windshield and covering all three occupants in glass. The baby had to be taken to the hospital to get small shards of glass taken out of her ear.

State Police are now looking for any information on who might be responsible for throwing objects off the bridge. They believe the culprits may live in the immediate area of the overpass. Anyone who thinks they have have information is asked to call Trooper John Lacoste at (207) 624-7076.

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