Enjoy this Public Service Announcement from all of us here at the Z

This is more of a Throwback Thursday video, but with a raging blizzard ready to hit Maine on Sunday, this should elicit a chuckle or two.

A couple of years ago during a storm in Portland, Oregon, KOIN-6 sent a news reporter out to cover how people were coping with the massive amounts of snow that were being dumped on them, Well, along comes a young, attractive couple who were interviewed because they happened to be out running. When asked why, the woman replied that "It's the perfect texture for running, very low impact, and it's dry snow, so your feet don't get wet" After the interview concluded, the happy lovebirds jogged off, and not more than 5 seconds later, she ran right over a patch of ice that sends her flying on her back and rear end.

Stay safe during the storm, and be sure to save the run for later.

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