When ya gotta go, ya gotta go...Just don't go in the lake!

Typical summer plans and travel have changed quite a bit during the COVID-19 pandemic, so people have been spending lots of time at the many beautiful beaches and lakes that the state of Maine has to offer, but unfortunately this has caused a rather disgusting problem in Southern Maine, at Long Lake. As you may recall, this was a major issue at Old Orchard Beach just a couple of years ago.

There have been multiple reporters of lake goers pooping (Yes, you read that correctly) directly in Long Lake, or even more disgustingly, on the private property of others. Sometimes in an emergency when there is no porta-potty around, you gotta do what you gotta do, but there are ways to avoid this rather nasty habit that folks seem to be doing with some frequency this summer.

The Lakes Environmental Association posted a message about this issue on their Facebook page, and offered up a couple suggestions on how you could better prepare yourself when enjoying a day at the lake.

A red $16 "Poop Pail" seems like a pretty reasonable bargain. It's got a nice sturdy toilet type seat for you to sit on, and it will do in a pinch, eh, err, an instant when you need to do your bossiness in the great outdoors.

We chatted about this on The Z Morning Show today, and as you can imagine, our pal Todd Simcox had plenty to say on the matter.

And check out this video of Long Lake. It's really beautiful! Let's keep it that way.

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