Happy 2nd Anniversary, to maybe the best picture ever

I honestly did not know this story existed, until someone recently posted it on Facebook. I thought it was new, turns out it happened in June of 2019, and man, is it hysterical.

Alicia Jessop, is a professor of sports law at Pepperdine University, who also is a writing contributor to The Athletic, and The Washington Post. She took a trip to Maine that summer to try her fist ever lobster roll at Fox's Lobster House in York, but she had no idea what happened next would make her a social media sensation.

Alicia decided to capture this moment by strolling over near the water, near Nubble Lighthouse for a scenic shot of Maine, with her lobster roll to post on her Instagram page, but a pesky seagull had other ideas, when it swopped down, in an attempt to snatch the treat from her hands.

As you can imagine, the second she posted this picture, it took the internet by storm, and the story was picked by just about every major news outlet. Good news for Alicia from all of this attention, Lobster From Maine, sent her family an entire summer's worth of lobster rolls.

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